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Hackers dissatisfied with BMW car hardware subscription subscription: claiming to crack free for car owners

  • joy
  • 2022-08-18 13:21:04
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some time ago BMW announced that it will launch a remote paid upgrade service for future new cars, including fu...

some time ago BMW announced that it will launch a remote paid upgrade service for future new cars, including functions such as heating, ACC (adaptive cruise) and some in-vehicle entertainment. Customers can choose to pay for a temporary or permanent subscription. a function.

  BMW has already launched some of the above-mentioned subscription services in markets such as South Korea and the United Kingdom. For example, British car owners spend 15 pounds (about 122.79 yuan) per month to activate equipment such as heated seats, or 35 pounds (about 286.51 yuan) per month. Activate adaptive cruise control.

  And this has caused dissatisfaction among a considerable number of users. They think that the car they bought with money has to pay for some functions to use it, and if they don't want to use some functions, they shouldn't appear in their car.

  Some of these hackers, who are responsible for unlocking blocked functions in BMW cars, said that they have been providing unlocking services for car owners in places such as the BMW Forum. Currently, they mainly focus on installing additional software functions for the in-vehicle system and unlocking the functions that are officially blocked by BMW. function, they also said that they will continue to conquer BMW's paid subscription system in the future so that users can use the function for free.

  An employee at BimmerTech, a company specializing in BMW tuning, also said, “We are always looking for ways to satisfy our customers’ wishes. As long as a customer pays to use a BMW-activated feature, we can break it; if BMW Without activating the feature, we can also retrofit it with third-party apps or hardware to implement the feature."

  IT House learned that it is worth mentioning that in the US market, cars whose firmware has been cracked by hackers or tuners are also covered by BMW's warranty. If the warranty is not provided, it will violate the FTC consumer protection law, because these functions are originally already exists, the user just starts it.


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