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Spain holds 12 billion euros but can't recruit big chip companies

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  • 2022-08-02 20:23:47
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The Spanish government announced in May that it plans to invest more than 12.25 billion euros to build Spain&#39...

The Spanish government announced in May that it plans to invest more than 12.25 billion euros to build Spain's semiconductor industry from scratch.

This should have been a good business for the government to hold money and wait for enterprises to come, but two months later, there are still few people in front of the Spanish government.

European and American chip competition, but the cake is uneven

Last week, the United States passed the chip act, which will allocate $52billion to support the development of semiconductor enterprises in the United States.

The European Union set the development goal of the semiconductor industry in February, hoping to provide 20% of the global chip production by 2030. To this end, the EU will use more than 43billion euros of public and private funds to support chip start-ups and manufacturing enterprises.

This effort is indeed a good thing at the EU level. Through internal development, it will replace the EU's long-term dependence on chips in South Korea and Taiwan, China. No matter who develops the semiconductor industry, it is the EU that benefits.

But for EU Member States, this has become an internal competition. When chip manufacturers choose to invest in Spain, they will always become Plan B, or even plan c

It was revealed that semiconductor companies prefer to go to Germany and other countries that already have semiconductor ecosystems. These countries are equipped with corresponding supply systems and talents, which are more attractive.

Spain's bad is that it can only passively participate in the fierce semiconductor competition within the EU to a large extent. In addition to government support, it is difficult to show other advantages to attract international semiconductor manufacturers.

The Spanish Prime Minister's office previously said that some chip manufacturers have expressed interest in the Spanish chip incentive policy in the past two months, but it will take time to make a decision.

Germany eats big head, Spain can only drink soup

In the view of Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez, the semiconductor industry will be the key industry to enhance Spain's industrial base, and it is also crucial for automotive manufacturing and other industries.

Spain is the second largest car manufacturer in Europe. It wants semiconductors to make its cars more competitive. However, in the fierce global competition, it is really difficult for Spain to win the favor of big manufacturers on chips.

It is reported that Spain has approached TSMC, but TSMC chose Germany because Saxony has built a complete chip ecosystem.

American foundry companies Globalfoundries and Italian French semiconductor announced that they would invest 5.7 billion euros to produce energy-saving chips in France.

South Korean semiconductor giant Samsung Electronics has also revealed its intention to set up a plant in Europe, but has not announced a specific plant construction plan.

Intel or sprinkle some soup

Another semiconductor enterprise "fully settled" in Germany is Intel, which will invest 17billion euros in Germany to build a cutting-edge chip production base in Magdeburg in eastern Germany and near Berlin.

According to Intel, it will also invest 4.5 billion euros to build semiconductor plants in France, Italy, Poland and Spain, but the scale of investment in these countries is smaller than that in Germany, and there is no specific construction plan in these countries at present.

For Spain, it also means a little thunder and rain. It greeted more than 10 billion euros. As a result, not many people took this "wink", but all went to favor Germany.

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